Shelby County Children's Advocacy Center Staff

Shelby County Children's Advocacy Center, Inc. is here for our community.

The Mission of the Shelby County Children's Advocacy Center is to promote emotional and physical healing of child abuse victims by uniting the efforts of public agencies and enlisting community support to optimize the prevention, detection, assessment, investigation, and prosecution of child abuse cases.

Children's Advocacy Center Model
Multidisciplinary Teams
Types of Children's Advocacy Center Cases
Types of Children's Advocacy Center cases in Shelby County


Denise Merriman
Denise Merriman - Executive Director
Sarah Shires
Sarah Shires - Clinical Director
Jade Miller
Jade Miller - Forensic Interviewer
Anna Register
Anna Register - Forensic Interviewer
Marlene Hernandez
Marlene Hernandez - Family Advocate
Deborah Kirkland
Deborah Kirkland - Counselor
Valerie Warren
Valerie Warren - Administrative Assistant

Board of Directors

Terry Scull
Terry Scull - President
Josh McAdams
Josh McAdams - Vice President
Sharon Ratcliff
Sharon Ratcliff - Secretary Treasurer
Clayton Windham
Clayton Windham
Katha Bush
Katha Bush
Mollie Litton
Mollie Litton
Lorei Choate
Lorei Choate
John Michael Burns
John Michael Burns
Dr. Keith Miller
Dr. Keith Miller - Medical
Stephen Shires
Stephen Shires - District Attorney
Jennifer Claude
Jennifer Claude- CPS
Nicole Faulkner
Nicole Faulkner - Law Enforcement
Denise Merriman
Denise Merriman - CAC